The Astonishing Size of God’s Throne Room

In describing the events that take place in GOD’s throne room, as narrated in the book of Revelation, chapters 4 and 5, the apostle John gives details that reveal the astonishing size of that room. Besides the fact that on that throne sits the living GOD — the Ancient of Days, the Great I AM, a Being with holiness and powers beyond imagination — John mentions that around His throne are four creatures covered with eyes, front and back, and 24 elders, along with 100 million holy angels. Yes, 100 million (Revelation 5:11), if you take that literally. The verse might in fact indicate  innumerable angels.

Considering that a single angel could induce unspeakable terror in any human being (Luke 2:9), and that a single angel killed 185,000 Assyrian soldiers in one night (Isaiah 37:36), can you imagine the sheer size of a throne room that holds 100 million of those soldiers? Even assuming that those soldiers are sized like humans and packed like sardines, that room must be the size of the entire city of Los Angeles!

I can barely picture that in my mind. Think of the utterly majestic display of power!

Speaking of display of power, you know what evil figure understood the psychological effects of the display of massive power? Hitler. His Nazi rallies gathered around 800,000 people and were some of the most impressive spectacles humans have ever witnessed. So, for the sake of comparison (GOD vs the Satan figure of the 20th century), let’s compare the impact of the Nazi display of power with GOD’s heavenly army.

Visual Impact: Attendance

Attendance at largest and most impressive Nazi Rally: 800,000 people.
Attendance at Revelation Throne Room: GOD plus 100 million angels.

Visual Impact: Photonic Energy

Nazi Rally: beams of light, sunlight.
Revelation Throne Room: lightning.

Visual Impact: Area

Area of Nazi Nuremberg Rally: 11 square kilometers, or 4.25 square miles (2.06 miles × 2.06 miles).

Area of Revelation Throne Room: at least 1,375 square kilometers, or 531 square miles (23.04 miles × 23.04 miles). The sum of land and water areas of the city of Los Angeles, California is 502.7 square miles. The Revelation Throne Room is bigger than that. If, however, the angels are not standing shoulder to shoulder like the German soldiers at the Nazi rallies, then the Throne Room would have to be even bigger. For example, if each angel had twice the standing room as the Nazis at the rally, then the Throne Room would have to be over twice the land area of the entire City of Los Angeles!

Audio Impact

Nazi Rally: 800,000 people yelling “Sieg Heil” at the top of their lungs; approximately 109 decibels.

Revelation Throne Room: thundering and voices; potential decibels of thunder: 120–130 decibels. (Pain threshold = 120 dB). Every 3 dB increase in power is a doubling of audio volume.

Significance and Purpose

Nazi Rally: rally for evil Nazi Party.
Revelation Throne Room: righteous judgement and disposition of all life on Planet Earth.


Nazi Rally: military prowess and threat of Nazi Germany to other nations (Army, Navy, Air Force); potential destruction or confiscation of property; potential torture, extermination camp interment, medical experimentation on children and adults, death of body.

Revelation Throne Room: potential destruction of Heaven and Earth (the entire known Universe); potential destruction or loss of property; potential torment, destruction of body; potential destruction of the soul.

Emotional Impact

Nazi Rally: intimidation, national pride, fear.

Revelation Throne Room: excluding impact of being in the presence of GOD, abject terror before the amazing power of one angel multiplied by 100 million angels.

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