Journaling with Your Kids

A good journaling idea that I came across today is to keep a journal for both you and your child. You can first write an entry, then pass the journal to your child; she can write her own ideas and pass the journal back to you.

Here are a few ideas I will implement with my eldest child:
  • Discuss a Bible verse and its meaning;
  • Write about our day;
  • Have a trait such as patience and discuss how you think the other does well with that trait;
  • Have my child build a story with me; I can start the story by writing two or three paragraphs; my child can then write two or three paragraphs, and so forth;
  • Have my child write the story about a real or fictional child who did the right thing in a hard situation;
  • Research an animal on Wikipedia and write a short synopsis about it;
  • Write about her recent vacation;
  • Write about a time when she did the right thing in a hard situation;
  • Write about her perfect, ideal day;
  • Write about her favorite Bible character and why;
  • Write about an invention that does not yet exist, but that she would love;
  • Use a new vocabulary word she just learned in her journal entry;
  • Write a poem.

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